General Information

Since 1963, the Michigan CEC has annually recognized teachers, parents, businesses, and others for their outstanding contributions and accomplishments reflected through their dedication to students with exceptionalities. Awards presentation will be at the 78th Annual MCEC Conference on March 1, 2018 at the Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Awards Nomination Overview

Considerations prior to submission of nomination:

  • Was this nominee a winner in the past?
  • Are there specific areas of achievement for the nominee in the category identified?
  • If this is a student nomination, does this student have a disability?
  • What has this student done to overcome barriers?
  • For student nominees; does this student have a functional focus or a more general curriculum focus?
  • Does this nomination demonstrate an individual or group going above and beyond?
  • Is there an impact in multiple areas?

Additional considerations:

  • Was the submission timely?
  • Was this a complete nomination including: the nominee category sheet, all nominee and nominator information, background information, supporting documentation including letters of reference, all references listed and photo of the nominee included?
  • MCEC considers each nomination using the following rubric: Exceptional, Above Average, Average and Missing- Incomplete

All nominations must be electronically submitted by December 15, 2017