Student Board

Your 2017-2018 Student Board Members are... 

Megan ForemanPresident, Western Michigan University

Hi my name is Megan Foreman. I am a fourth year at Western Michigan University and have only two years left until I graduate. My majors are Special Education and Mathematics. When I graduate I will be certified to teach students with emotional impairments and students with learning disabilities. I am also President of an Honors Society at Western for education students. On top of that I tutor at a high school in Kalamazoo and just finished up teaching math to high schoolers. I am kept very busy, but love everything I do. I am excited to see what this year holds!  

Lauren HogikyanPresident-Elect, Western Michigan University

Hi there! My name is Lauren Hogikyan and I am studying special education at Grand Valley State University. While at Grand Valley, I have been involved with our Council for Exceptional Children Student Chapter for all three years I have been a student here. Over the last two years I have served on the executive board, and next year I will be our student chapter’s president. The student chapter at Grand Valley has further confirmed my passion for special education and I am thrilled every day with my career path.

Leah DemskeSecretary/Treasurer, Western Michigan University

Hello! I am Leah Demske and I’m currently attending Western Michigan University with a major in Special Education, and a minor in English Language Arts. I consider myself a very organized student, keeping track of deadlines, and maintaining professional, clear communication with professors, peers, and students. I also like to help those around me to maintain a sense of organization and sanity within their own busy schedules. Whether this is by a quick email reminder, a thank you note, or some other helpful information, I want to be there to help.  

Nicholas MinorCAN Coordinator, Grand Valley State University

Hello my name is Nicholas Minor and I am currently attending GVSU pursuing a degree in special education. Assisting children with special needs is my passion and something I hope to do for a long time.  

Shannon Kelley, Membership Coordinator, Grand Valley State University

Hello my name is Shannon Kelley, and I am the membership representative for the Michigan Council for Exceptional Children's Student Board. I am currently in my senior year at Grand Valley State University. I am studying Special Education (CI/EI) and Elementary Education. This year I also hold the position as president on the CEC Student Chapter at GVSU. In my spare time I like staying active, and spending time with friends and family. My journey toward this profession has been amazing so far, and I am excited to see how it continues to unfold. 

Joe DeMarshStudent Advisor

I am looking forward to working with the CEC-S Michigan Board. I have been actively involved in CEC both statewide and nationally. I recently started a new position in my professional career as the Superintendent of Macomb Academy in Clinton Township. Macomb Academy is a transition based school for students 18-26 years old.  

MCEC New Student Membership Application

Sarah KerrCAN Coordinator, Grand Valley State University
Megan ForemanPresident Elect, Western Michigan University
Andrea SaksaSecretary/Treasurer, Eastern Michigan University
Sarah KerrCAN Coordinator, Grand Valley State University