General Information

CEC's divisions individually explore a single facet of special education in thoughtful detail, bringing together professionals to exchange ideas, stimulate research, and promote expertise in key areas of each fast-growing field. Journals, newsletters, conferences, workshops, and other professional development activities put you in touch and promote focused discussions among specialists. Help facilitate political action on issues that directly affect your own practice and interests. Network to bring you closer with experts and your professional peers. Take advantage of this special opportunity to increase your knowledge and become more deeply involved in your profession. Join today and participate in as many divisions as interest you! Only CEC Members are eligible to join the divisions.

Active Michigan Divisions:
Division for Children with Behavioral Disorders CCBD - for more information, contact Camilla Stewart
Division of Autism and Developmental Disabilities DADD - for more information, contact Kim Krug
Division of Career Development and Transition DCDT - for more information, contact Cheryl Brown
DEC - Michigan Division of Early Childhood DEC-Michigan for more information, contact Christy Callahan
CASE - MI Association of Administrators of Special Education MAASE - for more information, contact Andy Claes
Michigan Division for Communicative Disabilities and Deafness DCDD - for more information, contact  Christina Roy
Teacher Education Division TED - for more information, contact Monica Harris

 CEC Divisions - currently not established with a Michigan board, if interested, please contact Laurie Jefsen
Division of Visual Impairments and Deaf Blindness (DVIDB)
Division of Physical, Health and Multiple Disabilities (DPHMD)
Division of Learning Disabilities (DLD)
Division of International Special Education and Services (DISES)
Division for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners (DDEL)
Council for Educational Diagnostic Services (CEDS)
Council for Exceptional Children-Pioneers Division (CEC-PD)
Council for Exceptional Children-Division for Research (CEC-DR)
Technology and Media Division (TAM)