Committees are a vital part of the MCEC organization. Through the dedicated efforts of the Committee chairpersons and committee members, MCEC is able to respond to the needs of its members; work toward completion of action steps within the Strategic Plan; and respond to the needs of the profession we represent. Committees exist and operate within requirements of the MCEC Bylaws, as defined in the MCEC Policy Manual, and through the administrative governance established by the MCEC Board.

 Current MCEC Committees are:

  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Legislative Advocacy and Action
  • Membership
  • Professional Development
  • Recognition: Honors and Awards

A MCEC Board member and/or president appointee will serve as the chairperson and/or co-chairperson of committees. The chairperson and/or co-chairperson, subject to approval by the President, appoints committee members. An MCEC Board member assigned to a committee also serves as a liaison to the MCEC Board.